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Monatomic Gold The Alchemy Philosophers Stone

Monatomic Gold The Alchemy Philosophers Stone
by Joey Pagan

Monatomic Gold, also spelled Monoatomic Gold, is, Gold heated past the melting point, until it breaks the bonds that make it the metal Gold, 
and it turns into the finest white powder of Atoms of Gold. It is no longer in the chart of elements, and has turned into a new gateway of a new Exotic Matter
It is now micro clusters of Atoms of Gold in nano form, and has Anti-gravity properties. It is now a super conductor.

Nano technology is studying this Exotic Matter that does many things. It can make what it is placed on, to be weightless. It can be used in a wire that, no mater how far, it can transfer power with no energy loss. It also has the the ability to be consumed and repair renew DNA. Just a few things to start about what Monatomic Gold can do.

The biggest discoveries will be made in the smallest scale. Like the computer technology rapidly advancing. More transistors smaller into a smaller space using nanotechnology to build things only a few atoms in size. 

If not for the oil industry, we may have in public advance engines that run on alcohol or water broken down to the HHO gas. Electric engine, magnetic engine, and levitation technology with gyroscopic mercury vortex, using to travel defying gravity physics, and dimension of space time.

Monatomic Gold (monoatomic gold) is not a new discovery. It goes back thousands of years. The Egyptian Kings would have it baked in cakes(mufkut) and eat it, promoting health, enlightenment, and long life.
Was it the Mana that fed the Israelites in the Sinai, the time of Moses Exodus out of Egypt. Makes you wonder what more uses did the ancient Ark of the covenant have. It may have also been used to make Monatomic Gold using its cherubs wings on top as an arc.

Monatomic Gold is the Alchemy Philosophers Stone. Alchemy has been searching for this and the story of making Gold in Alchemy. But failed to realize that the Philosophers Stone is not a stone, or a way to make Gold. The Philosophers Stone is Gold in its purest form, Gold in its white powder Monatomic state.
The Philosophers Stone - Monatomic Gold

The oldest story of Monatomic Gold is realized in the story of The Sumerian Gods. The Sumerians, the oldest civilization, Sumer in old Mesopotamia, now the country of lower Iraq.
They tell the story in Tablets thousands of years old, about the Sumerian Gods called The Anunnaki. Meaning - Those who came from Heavens to Earth. 

Legend of The Anunnaki - The gods from the heavens (those who came from the stars, another world) On a Celestial Chariot (space vehicle)
Ezekiel wheel within wheel, Celestial Chariot eyes blinking
a Pillar of fire (rocket) Angel wings (flight pack)

The Sumerian Anunnaki gods are the same gods as the Egyptian gods, Greek gods, Roman gods, Norse gods, are The Biblical Elohim, Angels, Giants, Anakim, Rephaim, and Nephilim. Spoken of in detail, in The Book of Enoch. Only now in our modern space age technology can we really understand and translate ancient word meaning of phrases from mans description of events thousands of years ago.

The Sumerian tablets tell of  The Anunnaki, An Original Giant Human Race who came here from an undiscovered 10th Planet. Landed in the Edin at the edge of the Persian gulf in lower Iraq. Built the first 5 cities of Sumer, and lived in the temples called zigurats in ancient times Sumerian, Akkadian, and Babylon.
How in those times before mankind, it was the gods who walked the earth. How those original ancient human beings came here and walked the Earth before us, and gave birth to us, the Humans of Earth quote in their image and likeness.

The legend of the birth of Mankind on Earth The Anunnaki in needing gold in its monatomic element state. The Anunnaki people after thousands of years in working the gold mines had a mutiny and had to replace the Anunnaki workers. High in technology the Anunnaki used DNA tech to by invitro fertilization put together in a earth glass vessel, Anunnaki human sperm and oval egg of an earth hominid (homoerectus, or neanderthal) and invitro fertilization into a Anunnaki human female to give birth to the first cromagnon humans (caveman) in the Anunnaki humans image and likeness. Using now cromagnon man (caveman) as workers in the gold mines. 
Later the legend is that an Anunnaki leader Enki mates with 2 cromagnon human females, to give birth to Modern Man - the Biblical Adam and Eve.

Even still to enhance the human race Noah is born unlike man resembling the Angels - Noah (Ziusudra Utnapishtim) an Albino Demigod

and the Nephilim taking the daughters of descendants of Adam as wives giving birth to the diverse Neo-Modern man from the time of the Biblical flood. Neo-modern man a demigod human race.

From research the Anunnaki are the original humans and are giant, with a larger elongated skull going straight back and asian style eyes. In study of the early Egyptian kings Ive found early Egyptian kings, royalty were Demi gods, more than half Anunnaki people, closest relative to the Anunnaki.
Another famous Demi god who really existed is the Demi god Gilgamesh.

The Legend of The Anunnaki on their world, The Anunnaki people on their planet had a hole in their ozone layer and found that Gold in its Monatomic state was the only element that can suspend high in their atmosphere as a shield to fix their ozone problem on their planet. They came to Earth, the planet of Gold to mine and send back Gold in its Monatomic state, to save their planet. 
Story of The Anunnaki best told in -
The Lost Book Of Enki by Zecharia Sitchin  

Best book on Monatomic Gold called -  
Lost Secrets of The Sacred Ark by Laurence Gardner